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Our next Informed Youth Conference is November 17th, 2023. The topic will be Deconstructionism. 


     The philosophical system called Deconstructionism stems from a postmodern rejection of absolute truth. It is an important topic to address within the church because many now apply it to Christianity. Sadly, some formerly professing Christians, like Joshua Harris, adopted this way of handling truth, which caused them to shipwreck their faith. For Harris and others, deconstruction led to what some call deconversion. However, some professing Christians, like Sean McDowell, claim Deconstructionism can be a helpful tool for Christians to evaluate what they believe. 


     Though this system's unhealthy aspects make it attractive to younger generations, I am confident that most who buy into Deconstructionism do not fully understand the system and its ultimate aim. This extended teaching time on the subject will inform students about the anti-Christian nature and objective of Deconstructionism. I am hopeful this will lead students to reject this philosophical system and embrace, or continue to embrace, the Bible as their only source of absolute truth.


If you missed our 2021 conference on the Social Justice Movement, here is a link to the session and a few resources.

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