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Music is a vital component of our student ministry.  It is through music that we seek to dwell richly in the word of Christ as we are called to in Colossians 3:16.  This is why we should always sing songs that are theologically correct. But not every Christian song should be sung "in" the Church.  While some artists and genres may be completely appropriate for your iPod, they may not be good for singing in the Church congregationally.  This page is intended to point you to some songs and bands that we consider both appropriate and rich to sing congregationally.




This is a group based out of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.  These two albums are rich hymns with a contemporary style.     


For over 3 decades Sovereign Grace has been writing theologically rich and accurate music to be sung in the Church.  There are simply too many albums to mention but here are two to check out.   


Arguably one of the best modern hymn writers of our day Keith and Kristen Getty have album after album of rich music intended to be sung in the Church.   

Matt Boswell

These rich old and modern hymns have become a steady diet for our youth ministry.  He has two collections called "The Messenger Hymns" that truly are a treasure to the church.   

Shane and Shane

These guys have been a blessing to the Church for at least two decades now.  They have countless worship collections but two that are simply exceptional are their two "Psalms" projects.  These songs are based upon individual psalms.

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